Prayers of intercession written each week by a member of our Benefice

Intercessions for the Twenty First Sunday after Trinity, 24th October 2021

A prayer taken from Psalm 77,

In the time of our trouble, we sought the Lord. We will cry to God with our voice and He shall hear us.


From the early Celtic Hymn:

Be thou our vision, O Lord of our heart

Naught be all else to us save that thou art

Thou our best thought in the day and the night

Waking and sleeping your presence our light

We pray for vision, vision among Church leaders, vision within all dioceses, including our own, vision in our benefice and vision in ourselves, that we may see what needs to be done and may carry out the same. We pray for the parishes and communities within all our Churches that they may work together for the common good.  We pray for all parishes, including our own, and for our communities.

We pray for the world.  At this time of the Climate Conference, we pray that all may take care of your world and not destroy or harm it, by polluting the earth, contaminating the oceans, damaging the climate or failing to care for our fellow creatures.

We live in a world of violence, where not even people in Churches are safe. Show mercy O Lord on all those caught up in war, savagery and wrongdoing and especially those in the Middle East. We remember those persecuted in other parts of the world and those displaced from their homes.

I have been looking at how much time and money the Victorian and Edwardian Churches spent on youth work with teaching, reward books and entertainment.  We pray for all young people, especially for the work of our Church schools, for the freshers just starting University and for those in their first jobs.

Today is the Sunday after St Luke’s day, October 18th. St Luke, the doctor, is the patron saint of medicine. We pray for doctors, for nurses and for all working in medicine and also for all carers. Illness may be mental as well as physical and both may be interwoven.  Based on the wording of the prayer for his day, we pray for the healing of the diseases of both the body and the soul.

Following the story of Bartimaeus, being read today in many Churches, we pray for all blind and disabled people.

We pray for all those affected by coronavirus. We ask your blessing on the sick and on those who mourn, that they may be comforted. From Psalm 147: the Lord gives refreshment to those that are sick and heals those that are broken in heart.

We pray for the Benefice Choir as they prepare to lead us in worship.

We pray for families, especially for our own families, and for our friends.  We remember Richard and Jill, whose 50th wedding anniversary took place yesterday. We pray for ourselves.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Amen