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Prayers of intercession written each week by a member of our Benefice

Intercessions for Sunday 17 January 2021, Second Sunday of Epiphany

Lord God, In this season of Epiphany we come before you in humility and wonder.
You are the light of the world ‘that the darkness comprehended not’ - for in your infinite goodness, beauty and mystery, no darkness can keep your glory from shining forth.

And how we need to see and heed the light of your love in these dark days, O Lord!
We pray that this period of global pandemic and social unrest may make way for a gradual transformation of our world for the better - for a time of healing and regeneration, of new birth in and through your Holy name.

As much of the construct of our daily lives is laid aside, help us to reconnect with all that truly brings us life - and may we recognise how fragile and precious a gift this is in our hands, and how easily we can sweep it aside.

Help us to reconnect with our natural world as guardians who honour and cherish our interdependence with it - as you who created it honour and cherish it.

In our relationships with each other, help us to bring ‘love and worth-ship’, so that we might both ‘see You in others and be as You to others’.

And may we surrender ourselves more fully to You, the source of life and truth; give us the courage to throw off that which keeps us from You and keep us faithful and obedient to your Word so that our lives may be fruitful and reflect something of your glory.

So in humility, Lord, we pray for peace in our troubled world. We pray for those in power to rule in the light of your wisdom and with your servant heart. Rid us of this climate of fear and suspicion, of uncertainty and division, and in its place, lead us in the way of repentance and reconciliation.

We pray for your church, that it may be a beacon of your grace and truth.

For all of your children who are imprisoned in darkness, through persecution, poverty, abuse and other adversity - shine the light of hope into their hearts.

For the lonely and the lost, the exhausted and overwhelmed - shoulder their burdens and bring them rest.

For the sick and the dying bring healing and wholeness through your loving embrace; and place compassion and fortitude in the hearts of all those who care for them.

For the bereaved bring comfort in the knowledge that you are with them and their loved ones abide in the fullness of light in your eternal kingdom.
We think especially of Ken Field and all the family as they mourn the loss of dear Beryl.

We pray for the whole of our communities here in this benefice, that we may continue to reach out to each other in kindness. We ask for your protection over our homes and families and all those whom we love.

And we offer up ourselves to You; for the times that we seek You but You seem far away, when we are restless and troubled in spirit, help us, like the child Samuel, to be still, and to wait patiently. And if You call, let us too with thankful and obedient hearts answer, ‘Speak Lord, for your servant is listening’.

In Jesus’s name we pray.


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